Creature in the Well - Gameplay Trailer - Nintendo Switch
MPEG 1 Layer 3
2 years ago (Last Modified: 16 August 2019)
Creature In The Well Gameplay Trailer Nintendo Switch
4.12 MB
Creative Director Adam Volker takes you through everything you need to know about Creature in the Well. Unlock the power of an ancient facility and face the ominous, all-seeing Creature in this unique pinball-inspired hack & slash! Creature in the Well is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 6th.
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Creature in the Well - Gameplay Trailer - Nintendo Switch 4.12 MB Nintendo 2 years ago (Last Modified: 16 August 2019) 00:02:59 - Creature in the Well - Gameplay Trailer - Nintendo Switch.mp3
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Spaceplay / pause
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/ gnext gradient
Aauto grad / rand mode
b / Bbackground / image fit
Dshow current info
Eshuffle queue
Htoggle FPS display
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n / Nsensitivity
Rtoggle queue repeat
x / Xreflex style

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    Gradient Color gradient for the analyzer bars. Disable undesired gradients in the Config panel.
    • Auto Select next gradient automatically on each track change
    Background Select background option
    Image fit Adjust the size and position of the background image | ShiftB
    Image dim Adjust the intensity of the background image
    Reflex Select reflection style
    (no effect when LUMI is active)
    Scale Show / hide frequency and level scales
    • INFO Display song info on every track change
    • PEAKS Hold peak levels for a short time
    • FLAT Disable shadow on canvas text
      (may improve performance)
    • LO-RES Lower canvas resolution to improve rendering speed
    • FPS Display current frame rate | H
    Mode Visualization mode. Disable undesired modes in the Config panel.
    • LEDS Apply a LED effect to the analyzer bars (octave bands modes only)
    • LUMI Show full height bars with varying luminance (octave bands modes only)
    • RADIAL Circular spectrum analyzer with radial frequencies (disables LEDS and LUMI)
    Random mode Randomize visualization mode on track change or time interval
    Frequency Range Lowest and highest frequencies represented in the X-axis
    to Hz
    FFT size Higher values provide more detail in the frequency domain, but less detail in the time domain.
    Smoothing Lower values make the analyzer respond faster to changes
    Sensitivity Improve visualization of songs too quiet or too loud. Customize presets in the Config panel.
    Preset Load a configuration preset.
    "Last session" restores last used configuration settings.
    Save current settings to the "Custom" preset.

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